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“COMMON GROUND” is a  family-friendly "road" film packed with action and humor. The crew is composed of professionals and young graduates working alongside each other. This project is perfect to acquire hands-on experience under the leadership of a production company, meaning that the crew will, among other things, stay in the project’s vision and genre, stay within the budget, and wrap production on time.

Support "Common Ground" and put graduates to work. Thank you for your support! 

"THE STAND" is a feature film, currently in development, for which Lantern Entertainment will reach out to graduates for assistant positions.

"CONFESSION" is a 2-part short film. Lantern Entertainment wrapped up post production on the first part of "Confession". We are helping raise funds for the production of the second part of "Confession". We are adding to the team of "Confession" Part 1 and the associated unscripted interview to shoot "Confession" Part 2.

"Confession" (Part 1) Unscripted interview. Courtesy Lantern Entertainment.

"Confession" (Part 1) Production stills. Courtesy Lantern Entertainment.

Please support our Crowdrise campaign and help young filmmakers launch their career!

Don’t wait! The first 50 contributors of $50 and up get our limited edition “#1 Supporter” T-shirt specifically designed for CONFESSION. All contributors of $10 and up receive behind-the-scenes updates by email.

#1 supporter-Confession

"GO WEST" is a drama-fantasy currently in development for which Lantern Entertainment will shoot a trailer with a crew of professionals and graduates.

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